Parafango Body Wrap Single Session
What is a Parafango wrap? Well Parafango is a mixture of paraffin seaweed and helps detox slimming, body firming reduces cellulite. it also relieves muscle pain and ligament.

Chocofango Body Wrap Single Session
Chocofango treatment based on 100% natural chocolate cocoa extract, gives minerals, trace elements and vitamins. What are the effects of Chocofango wrap you ask? Well slimming toning detoxification are just three things that this amazing wrap can do for you.

Crioterminc Gel Body Wrap (Cold Feeling) Single Session
It is a gel that is rubbed gently on the treatment area to the total absorption. Produce a strong feeling of relaxation and freshness, due to lower activation temperature and blood microcirculation in the treated area. Producing a drainage that releases toxins and fat accumulation. It tones muscles, firming skin and relax tired feet.

Chocolate and Mint Body Wrap Single Session
Cocoa contains a high concentrate of a mixture of pure essential oils of peppermint, orange and lemon, caffeine and laminaria digitara, which increases the lipolysis effects, reducing drainage and cocoa extract. Contours are shrunk; remodelling appearance of skin ‘orange peel’ is improved. It activates the metabolism in order to eliminate cellulite nodules and fat deposits remodelling decreasing volume figure and body fat.

Thermal Reducing Cream Wrap (Hot Spice Feeling) Single Session
Cream thermal effect, which develops skin temperature and is irreplaceable in any anti-cellulite treatment. It is specially formulated to improve microcirculation in areas with cellulite and increases lipolytic effect, reducing the fat, while reducing fluid retention.

Thermal Modelling (Slimming Detox) Body Wrap Single Session
It is a cream that acts on the body fat and reduce the volume by thermal process.
Apply the treatment area through gentle massage until complete absorption into the skin: osmotic film wraps, and customers in the infrared thermal blanket or tunnel for 20 or 30 minutes. It produces sweating skin. Helping to eliminate toxins, to reduce the fat, water retained in the body of cellulite